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When running a ninja competition, keeping score shouldn't be an obstacle

It’s not hard to imagine what a poorly managed ninja competition looks like.

We don’t want you to ever actually experience one though. That’s why we created NinjaMaster; a platform that accurately tracks scores, organizes athletes, and gives you the results you need, when you need them. As an athlete, you’ll have access to every important aspect of the competition experience through NinjaMaster.

Save your athlete information so you can quickly sign up for new events. NinjaMaster keeps you informed on your run order and leaderboard standings. With live results constantly being updated, you’ll never be left in the dark about your performance. You can even compare your runs with other competitors with our analytics features to see how you stack up against the field.

The best athletes don’t just train to be the best. They use the best.

Do you want to be the best? Use NinjaMaster.

NEW: Take your event to the next level with our Bluetooth Buzzer/Button!

Connects to the Ninja Master software via Bluetooth for accurate timing.
Blasts an airhorn sound when pressed via a loud integrated speaker or connect it to your gym's sound system.
Available in: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

See How it Works

Watch this video to see how Ninja Master Software can help you experience better Ninja competitions:

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Ninja Master Delivers:

Live Leaderboard
See competitor rankings live on the leaderboard. It automatically adapts to league-specific or custom rules.
Data Analytics
Designed specifically for Ninjas and available with the participant and individual membership levels, see exactly where you stand on each obstacle! This feature provides you with an individual ranking to see where you stand compared to your competition for each obstacle.
Up-to-Date Competition Listings
View details of competitions and their results, including leaderboard and competitor stats.
Participate or Run Your Own Training Competitions
Time yourself and submit your video for virtual competitions like the Enduro Challenge. Upgrade to the Individual Plan to set up a fun backyard competition or serious training run at the gym for yourself, friends and family with the same software the gyms use for up to 5 contestants.

“I really love Ninja Master because of how easy it is to use. Whether working out with my friends in my home ‘ninja lair’, or at the gym, I use the Individual plan which works great to score and keep track of runs. I have never had one problem or glitch with the system during a competition.”

- Max Feinberg, American Ninja Warrior Junior Competitor (@amaxing11)


Q. I am just an individual and don't run a gym. Do I need Ninja Master?

A. Yes! See your real-time personal performance compared to other ninjas on the Ninja Master leaderboard. Compete in more events (like the Enduro Challenge) using the Ninja Master competition listings. Use our data analytics tools to inform your workouts and improve your competition runs. With the individual plan, you can time yourself and friends on your own practice courses. And if your local gym owner isn’t using it yet, show them what they are missing!

Q. If my gym has purchased Ninja Master why do I need to pay for it to receive the individual features?

A. Our software provides a whole new set of features designed just for competitors, separate from the gym membership with more to come. Because of the level of quality work that has been put into producing this app and continually improving it by adding features, we have a low-cost option for participants and individuals so they can personally receive the benefits Ninja Master provides.

For more FAQs, see Ninja Master FAQ

Plans and Pricing
We are offering our plans at special introductory pricing for a limited time:
1 User
Create and edit your athlete profiles
View registered competition leaderboards
Register for events
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All Registration features plus:
View other athlete profiles
View all public competition leaderboards
Analyze individual performance data
Browse all new public competition listings
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All Participant features plus:
Setup small competitions
Up to 5 competitors per event
Looking to run larger competitions? You should check out our Gym plans!
Gym Plans

Subscriptions bill monthly or yearly. If you don't love Ninja Master, cancel any time. It’s that easy. There are no cancellation fees, though no refunds are provided for prorated periods.

"Since I discovered Ninja Master, I put my clipboard and stopwatch away. From the first time I used it, I absolutely loved it!"

- Chad Hohn, Level Up Fitness

“After using NinjaMaster at a recent in-house competition, I can’t wait to use it at our UNAA qualifier! It will make my life SO much easier!”

- Matt Kalanz, WarriorTech OCR

Master the competition.

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Plans and Pricing